Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Flight of the Bumblebee Video on YouTube

Here's a link to footage of Kevin Daniels making the second ascent of Flight of the Bumblebee: a nice little video by Matt Pare':


Dougald MacDonald said...

Really good bouldering video. Way above the norm.

Marc Wolff said...

very cool! especially the self-sewing footage:)
would be nice if you embed these videos ;)

Wills Young said...

Yeah, this is a great vid with some pretty unusual footage for sure! A bit confusing about how Kevin got up there in the first place to rap and TR the line ... It's definitely easier to climb up or down on the west side, not the north as he does at the end of this short film!

As Kevin says, someone strong could onsight this ... They'd have to be barking mad though, as stitching up your own cut cheek -- as he does here -- is truly getting off lightly!! The next person to take the fall might have to do a bit of leg surgery with a leatherman tool or something ... Let's hope not.

Video now embedded... Thanks for the suggestion!