Sunday, February 6, 2011

Makers, v8, Pollen Grains

I made a trip over to the Pollen Grains/Lydija Boulders on Saturday. The road down to the Get Carter boulder was still incredibly deep with snow, which is a bit surprising considering how little snow is left on the slopes of the main area. We all began to get a bad feeling as driving downhill in the 4x4 became tough going! Anyway, it was good to finally get out to the area as I’d been waiting for the chance to check out a couple of lines there.
Daniel Ferreira had written to me a while back about a problem he had done on the Honey Boulder (between the Lydija Boulder and the Jedi Boulder). It takes a direct line straight up from the start of Cover Me With Flowers, passing some cool rounded features to gain a distant slopey crimp (for the right hand), followed by an awkward pull around a bulge. Daniel had named the problem Makers after a night of whiskey drinking. I felt it was in the v8 range, and well worth doing--a little grainy, but that’s normal for FA’s. It’s fairly high and exciting, but the landing is flat. Thanks Daniel for bringing this to my attention.
Sorry, pretty lame not to have a shot of someone on this!
It is slightly overhanging to a bulge.
Sadly, the hours rushed by, and I didn’t get up the hill to look at the other line I was eager to try--Kevin Daniels’ Anaphylaxis, a direct start to the Beekeeper topout, which climbs directly to the finish of The Beekeeper from off the rounded rock at the base of that wall. Kevin said about v5 for this highball. I will report more about that one when I get a chance.

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It realy makes me want to go hicking.