Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Action Potential?

Got this from Kevin Daniels about a possible new line at the Buttermilks on the big block below the Fly Boy Boulder:

"i did the nice big arete right of Big Wall on the big wall boulder. it is the obvious arete listed as # 7 on page 194. i had climbed up to about 2/3 height a few times. from standing on the obvious and solid jug at about 15 feet a couple thin moves on solid rock takes you to the apex and good solid holds. another long move up and right to a good pinch / sidepull and you are up on your feet. i downclimbed as far as i could to checkout the top. it is probably V2 and except for one small hold that snapped and the flakes that get kicked off it is very solid rock and good movement."

Kevin is describing a problem I listed as "Unknown" in the guide. I don't know if it had been climbed, though when I was compiling the guidebook it seemed likely it had been done, so I didn't put it as a project ... but who knows?

Kevin suggested a name of Action Potential for this highball. Sounds good to me! I might leave it up to others to verify the rating and quality of this one, or alternatively to let me know if they've seen it done, or heard it was done before. It sure has a pretty nasty landing and you never know what some people will call "v2" :). Nice one Kevin!


Justin said...

I eye'd this line on Monday. It looked really good except for the tacky "KD" written in chalk at the base.

kevin daniels said...

sorry whoever you are if my excited state let my ego bum you out. i hear it is going to rain possibly tonight. if not i will spit on the KD tomorrow and do the job myself. i hope i have enough spit to clean off all those messy, chalked boulders. do you have any cleaning recomendations?

i will keep my KD to myself. would you have even seen the line without the KD ? i have been climbig on it and looking at it for many years now.

how was it ? did you like it ?

thanks for the positive input wills.

kevin daniels
714 642 6354

kevin daniels said...

seriously justin the KD was probably not the best responce from a 40 year old man. i was alone, way psyched and full of energy after climbing it. it was not a chest thumping statment but more of a "have a look, come play."

i should have used better judgement, it did not set a good example.

i will take care of it tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Hmm... I think the KD has been at the base of this potential boulder problem for sometime now. Maybe a year or so, if it's the same chalked KD I'm thinking of . Or maybe there is more than one KD chalked on a boulder in the area. Or more than one KD who is chalking on boulders. The possibilities are endless!

Anonymous said...

"Anger Management" might be a better name for this problem. Dude, spit ? And I think there is a big difference between chalked holds and tagging initials on boulder problems.

kevin daniels said...


actually i put another KD at the base of what is now " the east side story " almost two years ago. it was visible for about five days. that was another line that i had looked at and climbed on for over 10 years before doing it.

again sorry if my KD yet offended another person.

the whole point for putting kd at the base was to get some input on the problem. i was asking folks if they had done it or new anything about it.

maybe you are putting your personal view on what my actions represented based on your experience.

maybe a change of view will make things look a little diffrent ?

i do find it funny that all you have to give is negative input. has anyone climbed the lines in question ? i dont think the now washed away chalk will detract from your experience.

i would love to actually talk to some of these folks. it seems i have really upset some people.

kevin daniels
714 642 5354

Anonymous said...

who cares. it's chalk, not spray paint. i can brush it off. i've seen worse than "KD" anyway. It's sad that we will not really be remembered or matter a couple hundred years after we're gone. Leaving chalked initials is just a futile reminder that our time is limited. Probably better to give money away anonymously. There's a different point of view for every social behavior. Even the Buttermilks themselves have a time limit. Plus, I'm sure there is way cooler shit in the universe with initials scribed temporarily into its hide for all to see. There is nothing you can do, Kevin... Death is coming.