Sunday, February 24, 2008

Crimpanzee (v6) FA by Andrew Stevens

Got this from Andrew Stevens:

"Last Sunday I climbed a new route at the Happys that is pretty nice. It is located on the West Rim just above Serengeti. Jeff and California Drew climbed it also. It seems like it is v6ish. It climbs more like a Sad [Boulders] route. I went to work on a sit start yesterday, but I wasn't inspired. Really hard, sharp moves with crappy feet. I had to stack pads to reach the first two handholds. Let me know what you think. I called it Crimpanzee."

The problem is up on the West Rim, just above Crispin Waddy (near Serengeti, as Andrew notes above) at the Happy Boulders (page 131 in the guidebook). The rock here is not documented in the guidebook, but is of good quality with some more potential.

Here are two pics of Andrew on the FA of Crimpanzee (v6 unless we hear different). Looks sweet!

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Anonymous said...

Nice one Andrew!