Friday, April 18, 2008

New Line on Fly Boy Boulder

Got this from Garrett Gregor:

"I put up a new climb - I think? his weekend to the right of flyboy... same face as fly boy. which starts left hand low and right hand on a slopey crimp instead of crawling up the slab to the jugs. It busts right and has a comitting move over the slab... maybe v7/8ish? Let me know what you think..."

Here's a photo:


Anonymous said...

i also did a new line on the Flyboy face; it starts as per Flyboy, but instead of the finishing dyno, you set up, jump, and fly really far onto the pads below! its called "Total Fucking Wank" and it checks in at like V4+

thanks for noting this ascent,
-Joe Morgan

Wills Young said...

Hey Joe, Thanks for the note! That's a nice one, hey? Yeah, not a first, though, I'm pretty sure. I saw another guy do a variation on that a few years ago: STICK the lip, swing out, hold on for dear life, swing back in and then back-flop from ten feet up. Maybe that's the one you were trying ("TFW" as you call it...). Hope you're leg's okay -- come back and send!

Anonymous said...

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