Sunday, February 14, 2010

New Line on Get Carter Boulder, by Ryan Held

Ryan Held wrote a bit ago about a right-to-left traverse into Seven Spanish Angels that he completed around mid-January. It starts on a low jug at the far right side of the east-facing wall. This was a project that had been tried a bit in the past by some locals. Ryan has named the line, Each One Teach One and reckons it checks in around v10/v11.

Ryan on Each One Teach One


Owen Martin said...

So would it start on Flecheros or all the way around near Get Carter?

Wills Young said...

Hi Owen,
It starts in a kinda sit-start under Flecheros.
And while you're there, since you liked Upside (? per your comment on the "Hideaway" problem ...), you should check out The Wrong Trousers. You'll love that one for sure!
A Grand Day Out is also fun -- but to do this one, start on Grommit, move up a little then press into the face to gain a small sidepull about 10ft up, then up the face/wide stem via a good hold out right and a key edge for the L hand high. That one is actually not as hard as listed in the guide. I had not done it at the time, but later I did and with the right beta it is probably more in the v8 range.
Have some pads for the rock below.
Take care,

Owen said...

Awesome! Thanks again, dude, I'll be checking those out sometime soon, hopefully.