Monday, November 5, 2007

nice site wills

i broke the nice left hand patina pocket on the secret of the beehive today. from the nice jug at 14 feet or so you reached up and left to a nice but loose pocket. its gone. now you hit a left than right side pull. sorry. some of the patina is loose.

nice problem. kind of hard down low and i did not top out. i will have to try again.


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Wills Young said...

Sounds like it might be a touch harder now, but that pocket was not so big anyway. If much more patina comes off, it might get even harder. See my comment in the "updates" section of the website which I put there BEFORE the pocket broke.

Try the heel-hook beta at the top. Pull up on the good jugs and put your right heel by your hands! Sweet method if you have the flexibility! See the next-to-last picture!