Thursday, March 6, 2008

Pics of Magnetic North (v8/9?)

Here are a couple of pics of Jeff Sillcox on this line, mentioned earlier on this blog. It provides some really cool moves on great rock despite looking slightly contrived. Kinda harder, higher version of High Plains Drifter ... It's really good.

The first pic shows the small right hand crimp that is the key to this problem. Gain this with a pretty hard move out right with poor footholds fairly low.

This second pic shows the pull through from the key right crimp using a high left heel. This is a scary and hard pull. Jeff's left hand is on a slopey intermediate which is useful to gain height before grabbing the good patina above.

Thanks to Matt Birch for the images!

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Anonymous said...

You could do Direction or True North into this new Magnetic North for a super-hard link-up. It could be called Peter North!