Monday, February 9, 2009

Video link

Check out some cool footage of Bishop shot by Jon McCartie called Mirando. Thanks for the heads up Ben.


Jon said...

hey wills - i sent you an email when i released it -- did you get it?

Wills Young said...

Hey Jon, I didn't get the email, or it was accidentally deleted ... or I am too dumb to know I received it! Maybe try me again at the email at right and see if it gets to me.

Jon said...

Yup. Wrong email. I sent it to ''

My bad. :)

A few good comments on the film over at my blog:

Thanks for the mention, Wills.

Anonymous said...

No worries! Glad I could help.

@Jon: Great work with the film. I really enjoyed it! Can't wait to get out to Bishop.