Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Shaddow Ayala, new highball at Happy Boulders

The Happy Boulders canyon in Bishop's Volcanic Tableland is less famed as a highballing destination than the nearby Buttermilk Country, but there are some great highballs to be done here of course. One of these is the classic and oddly named I Am Leaving for Constantinople Tonight (a v0 on the east rim). To the left of this line is a tall wall that now sports a new highball, Stoney Pony, recently completed by Shaddow Ayala at around v3 or v4.

Happy Boulders first ascents part 2 of 4 from One Man One Dog Pictures on Vimeo.

Says Shaddow: "The wall the the left of 'I am Leaving for Constantinople Tonight' has always caught my eye. 'Stoney Pony' is a new 30ft. highball with solid rock quality, even though the rock surrounding the line is total choss. After working out an obvious start at the base of the wall, I hung a rope over the line to check out the top moves. The landing is less than ideal and the steep nature of the line makes things very committing even though the moves are reasonably moderate (v3 to v4). A long move high off the deck is sure to grab your attention. Bring lots of pads, spotters, and your highball head."

See the guidebook, 2nd ed page 149.


shaddow ayala said...

thanks to Zach West for additional filming.

dustonian said...

nice shaddow!

DaMill said...

Is this a combination of the project and unnamed line on the same page?