Monday, February 22, 2010

Highball Montage

Please enjoy this sweet montage of Charlie on This Side of Paradise (Bardini Boulders, v10).

Thanks to Matt Arnold for the images and Olivia Nguyen (Graphics and Design). Climber: Charlie Barrett.

Meanwhile, don't forget there are risks to highballing. No matter where you climb, rock can break! Check out this solid-looking well-weathered hold from one of the Buttermilk's most amazing highballs, The Beautiful and Damned (v13).

There used to be this perfect little horn that you could grab at a sort of half-way point on the line, just before the really heady slab moves begin. Well, it snapped off when the line was being worked on TR. Now this already desperate line will be a touch more sustained and a bit more of a stretch on that first slab move. With all the snow we've had this year dampening the rock, plus the freezing and thawing recently, you can't be too careful going high off the ground.


Carlo Traversi said...

No!!!!! That little horn was perfect!

Anonymous said...

Are there any problems that don't break in Bishop?
Beautiful and Damned
Xavier's Roof
Plain High Drifter


Dan Beall said...

Oh well haha.
The buttermilks have the most solid looking rock, and yet...