Sunday, February 14, 2010

Siemay Lee, Beefy Gecko (v11)

It's great to report that Siemay Lee completed her 10-day project at the Sad Boulders, Beefy Gecko (v11) at the end of last week. She's been trying the problem on and off for a while (on perhaps 10 separate days), and finally put it all together for her first v11 send. Congrats Siemay!

Siemay and leg-warmers on Beefy Gecko. Photo: Michael Pang.

Now, before anyone asks, she correctly avoided the large hold--which is off-limts for this problem--that sits above the constriction where the roof (capping boulder) meets the side boulder. Impressively, Siemay manages to balance work as an internal medicine doctor with her passion for climbing, often traveling with her equally motivated climbing partner and husband (and ER doc) Noah Kaufman.

There's a video on Noah's Blog.


Noah Kaufman, MD said...

Good job Siemay! You are an animal. I can't believe your ninja warrior skills. I'm glad I got such a great deal on you from the mail-order catalog! Love, Noah.

Justin said...

you are a lucky guy Noah.