Monday, April 16, 2012

Luminance Video

Bishop highballing is all about big lines, a bunch of pads and spotters, and the spirit of bouldering taken to an extreme. Here's Joe Maier on the amazing Luminance, recently done ground up by himself, by Jake Lovotny (see post below) and by a super-strong Japanese climber named Leo(?)! [Edit: The Japanese climber is Ryohei Hagiwara aka "Ryo." See second comment below.]

Don't try this at home:

Luminance, Bishop CA from Joe Maier on Vimeo.


Anonymous said...

perhaps, this

Nobusuke said...

Howdy Wills, It's been a long time!
Those are scary and great news.
Actually his name is Ryohei Hagiwara aka Ryo.
He tics some of hard routes in Japan without rope lately.

Nobusuke BUZZ

Wills Young said...

Yeah Buzz! Great to hear from you! Many thanks for the info. Ryo seems like an amazing climber!

Stuart Berg said...

Graet video,great climb,again an awesome boulder demonstrating the scale and diversity of the climbing in your country.I will get there and see it all one day.Great post.